Although the country is expected to attain a below average maize production of 2,394,907 MT due to erratic rainfall mainly in the Southern half of the country and to a less extent armyworm infestation, the total supply will be more than adequate to meet the annual requirement with a surplus of 341,313 MT. The 2017-18 harvest and some carryover maize from the previous season
have generally increased food supply and variety at household level at this time of the year.

The quantity of maize to be purchased by FRA during this crop marketing season is less compared to the previous season by 25 percent, and is 35 percent of the expected maize sales. While the FRA output price is yet to be announced, maize prices are anticipated to be higher this year, especially in the high demand and low production areas. This is in addition to the expected high demand for maize by neighbouring countries, most likely from Malawi, Zimbabwe, DRC (Mealie meal) and the Great Lakes Region.

As expected, the increased pasture and improved water availability has improved livestock condition. However, the foot and mouth disease outbreak in parts of Central Province which has resulted in a livestock as well as livestock products movement ban may negatively affect the income of livestock rearing households and revenue for business enterprises such

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