Youth employment and agriculture in Zambia

By Antony Chapoto, Jairos Sambo and Henry Machina

Zambia like many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa is facing huge unemployment challenge particularly among the youth. The main question that everyone ask is: which sector provides the most potential to absorb the growing population of young people in the country? The agricultural sector seem to provide the answer but there has been increasing evidence suggesting that the sector is not too attractive to the young people. While there is an increasing interest on youth and employment issues in Zambia, very little is known about youth participation and employment in the agricultural sector. Against this background, this paper uses the 2015 Zambia’s Living Condition Monitoring Survey (LCMS) complemented by the Zambia Labour Force Surveys of 2012 and 2014. The LCMS data, covers a sample of 15,888 youth and is used to examine the characteristics of youth in Zambia and their participation in agriculture, as well as the determinants of youth employment in the different agricultural sub-sectors.

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