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Zambia’s 2018 agricultural budget analysis

This infographic highlights the 2018 budget speech, breaks down the agricultural budget allocations trend over the years, graphically shows the actual allocations in the agriculture sector, refocusses attention to the key drivers of agricultural growth, and raises the major areas of concern. It concludes by providing the way forward.

Grain marketing innovations and investments in Zambia: creating marketing opportunities for smallholder farmers

Zambia in the past decade has been experiencing massive grain marketing innovations. These innovations have opened up lucrative alternative marketing channels to farmers, especially those producing surpluses for sale.  Private sector investments in the sector have endured trade policy changes which have to some extent hindered their growth. Investments in grain storage and marketing infrastructure […]

The global hunger index: what does it mean for Zambia?

The Global Hunger Index (GHI) shows long term progress in reducing hunger in 119 countries worldwide. The GHI is a composite of four indicators: under-nourishment, child wasting, child stunting, and child mortality. The GHI hunger severity scale shows countries that are in the: a) low, b) moderate, c) serious, d) alarming, and e) extremely alarming scales.

Climate change and agriculture in Zambia

Climate is the average of individual weather states, taken over sufficiently long periods of time. While weather impacts our daily lives, climate influences our decisions about where to live, and how to grow food. Climate variability refers to variations in climate on all aspects beyond that of individual weather events. This variability may be caused […]