Business Development Unit


IAPRI is currently implementing its five year strategic plan (2018 to 2022) whose core funding is being provided by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) while the balance is met from its own resources. The Business Development Unit (BDU) was formed to spearhead the sourcing of funds, to enhance long term sustainability, from various donor agencies for the Institute’s internal use as well as cater for increasing demand for professional services in agricultural development from different types of sector stakeholders at a fee. Apart from the generic or rather broad based policy analysis, capacity building and outreach that IAPRI conducts, a number of stakeholders need specially tailored services to meet their own specific needs.

Grant Sourcing

The unit spearheads the implementation of the fundraising strategy of the Institute whose main objective is exploring and initiating resource mobilization activities at local and global-level for long-term organizational sustainability. The purpose is to secure funding through preparation and submission of grant proposals to secure funds to meet the Institute’s goals and objectives especially for new programmes being initiated or when a current grant or contract ends. This is however undertaken only for programmes or activities that are part of the Institute’s approved strategic plan as obtaining funds for activities outside the strategic plan simply because the funds happen to be available threatens the mission and long-term sustainability of the Institute.

Provision of Consultancy Services

The unit aims to cater for the increasing demand for investigations and studies related to agriculture and rural livelihoods development from different sector stakeholders including Government departments, international agencies, donor-funded projects, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and private sector organisations and individuals. These services are tailored to the needs of each particular stakeholder client at each particular time based on agreed terms of reference (ToRs) which is not possible to do within the overall IAPRI approved annual work plan and budget. It competes in the national and international consultancy market through responding to requests for proposals (RFP). The unit provides services in research, training and other aspects of stages of development in the project/programme cycle. The main spectrum of services offered are in areas such as baseline surveys; feasibility studies/ project formulation/appraisal and evaluation; qualitative and quantitative analysis; needs and impact assessments/evaluations; broad-based or focused input and output value chain analysis; gender/environment/climate change mainstreaming; and sustainable livelihood analysis.


The unit offers training courses relating to the social survey process to individuals and institutions involved in agriculture and rural development. The need for IAPRI to offer training follows increasing demand from various institutions, especially on data collection and processing of the development practitioners ‘ program activities relating mostly to some forms of surveys and monitoring and evaluation activities.  The expertise and experience in data collection, processing and analysis its staff members place the Institute in good stead to provide such training to development practitioners. Emphasis will be given to client requested tailor made training services rather than regularly provided ones due to the amount of time it takes to arrange such training courses.


The Business Development Unit is committed to delivering exceptional work. Below are some of the testimonials:

LTS was very pleased with the quality of their survey and data management system as well as their experienced staff, to lead and implement a national-level household survey, as well the management and data collection of qualitative data.
Kirsty Wilson
Managing Consultant, LTS International – Part of the NIRAS Group
The subcontractor (refering to IAPRI) performed for Westat in a good and businesslike manner and completed all the tasks set... as part of the total services called for by the subcontract.
Debra Robinson, MA, PMP
FEEDBACK Project Director and Chief of Party - Westat