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Agriculture employs the most people in Zambia and evidence shows that broad-based poverty reduction occurs when there is productivity increase in the highest employer in the economy.

Recognizing individuals and organizations that are doing commendable work in developing the agricultural sector is cardinal in encouraging and inspiring personalities and firms to actualize the dream of making agriculture the heart of the Zambian economy.

The Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI) and Musika Development Initiatives Zambia Limited (Musika) have started receiving nominations for the “2020 Champions of Agriculture Awards”.

Award Objectives

To recognize and honor individuals and organizations that made an outstanding contribution to agricultural development in Zambia in the year 2020.

The Awards will be divided into two categories the media (the story tellers/policy influencers) and agriculture practitioners (the subjects of the stories).

Media Practitioners

Organizations or Individuals that engage in mass communications (print, broadcast and the internet) are eligible to enter.

Media Practitioners Categories

  • Electronic Media (Radio)
  • Electronic Media (Television)
  • Print Media (News)
  • Print Media (Feature)
  • New Media (e.g. blogs and other forms of social media)

Agricultural Practitioners

  • Individuals and firms who are recipients of Musika support i.e. Technical, financial / grant support.
  • Individuals and firms involved in poverty-reducing agricultural marketing activities in rural areas.
  • Individuals and firms involved in agricultural policy implementation targeting rural communities.
  • Individuals and firms involved in poverty-reducing agricultural marketing activities positively impacting women and youth, and environment & climate change.

Agricultural Practitioners Categories

  • Individual/firm with highest number of rural farmers reached in agricultural marketing.
  • Individual/firm with highest investment in rural agricultural marketing.
  • Individual/firm with best innovation in rural agricultural marketing.
  • Individual/firm with best innovation in agricultural marketing impacting women and Youth.
  • Individual/firm with best innovation in agricultural marketing impacting the environment and climate change.

How to enter for the awards

Organizations or individuals may submit entries, by filling in the form provided below on behalf of themselves or others if they can show evidence of having been authorized to enter the awards by the third party involved. Participants may submit and enter for more than one category as advertised.

Entry Requirements and Submission Media

  • The entries should cover the period 1st January to 31st December 2020.
  • Submit as many entries in each category (quantity) but indicate your best article/radio/TV production to be judged based on creativity and quality (includes and picture) for both TV and radio entries among other criterion.

Currently, only entries in English will be considered.

Agricultural Practitioners

  • The entries should cover activities implemented during the period 1st January to 31st December, 2020.
  • Submit a description with as much quantitative information that will show cause as to why the nomination deserves the win.
  • Submission of entries under more than one category is allowed.
  • Submit soft copies of other supporting documents that will provide proof of your activities e.g. company profile, reports, videos, news articles and other publications.

All entries must be received on or before Friday, 26th March 2021, by 16:00hrs. Entries received after that date will be considered ineligible.

The Champions of Agriculture Awards will be presented during the Annual Awards Event to be held on 21st May 2021.

For inquiries contact:

Christabel Chabwela on 0966 880915 or or Gift Chanda on 0977617201 or


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