About Us

Our Establishment

Established in October, 2011, the lndaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute
(IAPRI) is a non-profit Zambian company limited by-guarantee which collaboratively works with public and private stakeholders in the agricultural sector. IAPARI is ed by a local Board of Directors drawn from various state and
private sector stakeholders.

Our Vision

Zambia, free of hunger, malnutrition, poverty through sustainable, and inclusive economic transformation.

Our Mission

To sustainably provide evidence based and transformative solutions through applied research, capacity building and outreach services for sustainable economic growth in Zambia.

Our Mandate

IAPRl’s mandate is to utilise empirical evidence to advise and guide the Government of Zambia and other stakeholders on agricultural investments and policies. The overarching goal of IAPRl’s policy analysis and outreach efforts is to identify policies and investments in the agricultural sector that can effectively  stimulate inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction. This is achieved through three core operational activities:

Core Operational Activities

  • Producing trusted, impartial and high quality research on agricultural, food.and natural resource policy issues in Zambia and the wider Southern Africa region
  • Integrating research findings into national, regional and international programs and policy strategies to promote sustainable agricultural growth and cut hunger and poverty in Zambia
  • Supporting the development and strengthening of capacity for policy research. analysis and outreach of public and private institutions in Zambia.