Day: December 17, 2021

Building back better: vulnerability and climate resilience in rural Zambia

One of the major shocks threatening Zambia’s agricultural sector is climate change and variability, with the smallholder subsector being more vulnerable owing to its heavy dependence on rain -fed production systems. Climatic shocks such as droughts and floods affect both crop and livestock productivity and production, with ripple effects on national food security. Indirectly, these […]

Developing sustained tools for managing financial constraints among women and youth-led agro-based SMEs

Access to credit remains critical to Small and Medium Enterprise’s (SMEs) growth and private sector employment creation. Accessing finances promotes the business’s establishment and development, covers day-to-day expenses, and is critical in recruiting additional staff. Ultimately, the growth of SMEs benefits the economy in general by accelerating economic growth and intensifying competition. However, access to […]