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Note: All suppliers of Goods and/or Services are hereby invited to fill in the questionnaire and submit together with their full company profile. Failure to furnish the information requested could result in rejection of the application and/or removal from current supplier list.

The Finance and Administration directorate is responsible for all procurement of goods, services and works for IAPRI. All stationary supplies, supplies for IAPRI printing office and office equipment for its needs including furniture, office automation, audio-visual, photographic, reproduction, interpretation and communications equipment and vehicles are purchased by the Finance and Administration directorate based on the requisitioners' indication of the generic specifications of items required.

The Finance and Administration directorate also purchases equipment and other supplies that may be required from time to time by IAPRI. The temporary services of individuals required by IAPRI may be obtained by their engagement as contractors/consultants under contracts entered directly. The functions to be performed by the contractor/consultant are clearly specified in the contract, which also contains a time schedule for their performance.

Competitive Bidding

Contracts for the purchase or rental of service, supplies, equipment and other requirements are awarded after a competitive bidding or calling of proposals. Invitations for bids are usually advertised in the Zambia daily tabloids and on the IAPRI website, and companies are given ample time to prepare their bids. The bids are submitted to the Finance and Administration Directorate by sealed-bid envelopes. For details contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .