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Potential for Intra-Regional Maize Trade in Southern Africa: An Analysis For Zambia at the Sub-National Level. Steven Haggblade, Thomas Jayne, David Tschirley and Steve Longabaugh.  Presented by M.T. Weber.  Michigan State University – Food Security Group. Presentation at the SADC Southern Africa Regional Conference on Agriculture. Grand Palm Hotel, Gaborone, Botswana, December 8-9, 2008.

Promoting Fertilizer Use in Africa: Current Issues and Empirical Evidence from Malawi, Zambia, and Kenya. Isaac Minde, T.S. Jayne, Joshua Ariga, Jones Govereh, and Eric Crawford.  Presentation at the Southern Africa Regional Conference on Agriculture “Theme: Agriculture-led Development for Southern Africa: Strategic Investment Priorities for Halving Hunger and Poverty by 2015”.  Grand Palm Hotel, Gaborone, 8-9 December, 2008.

                Information Toward Goals of Poverty Reduction, Food Security, Enhanced Productivity and Income Growth for Small-scale Farmers in Zambia – Opportunities and Challenges.  ACF/FSRP Presentation By Tadeyo Lungu, Augustine Mutelekesha, Antony Chapoto, Margaret Beaver and Michael Weber.  MACO/SIDA ASP Old and New Workshop,  Chrismar Hotel, Lusaka.  Dec 2-3, 2008.

                Zambian Smallholder Farmer/Household Categorization Activity. Draft Set of Tables - Dec 1, 2008, ACF/FSRP by Tadeyo Lungu, Augustine Mutelekesha, Antony Chapoto, Margaret Beaver and Michael Weber. Handout to accompany MACO/SIDA ASP presentation.

                Tourism and Wildlife Conservation in Africa: Measuring the Impacts to Rural Households. Robert B. Richardson and Ana Fernandez. Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics (AFRE) Brown Bag Seminar Series. November 18, 2008.

                Zambia Agricultural Policy: Finding a Balance Between Public Facilitation & Private Sector-Led Growth. Jones Govereh and Michael Weber. Food Security Research Project. Presentation at a Mini-Workshop on Agricultural Policy in Zambia, Chrismar Hotel, 7 Oct, 2008.

                Import/Marketing Policy Options for Consumer Price Mitigation Actions in the 2008/09 Maize Marketing Season in Zambia. Presentation at a ZNFU Hosted Meeting of the Task Force on Rising Food Prices: Working Group on Transitional Issues. Lusaka, Sept 11, 2008. Extract from a Draft Concept Paper By The Food Security Research Project.

                Targeting Challenges : Using Zambian Rural Household Data Sets to Inform The Process of Categorisation of Resource Poor Smallholder Farmers. By the Food Security Research Project, Kafue Gorge ACF Sponsored Workshop, Aug 20-22, 2008.

                Information and Analysis to Improve Agricultural Productivity & Reduce Rural Poverty in Zambia. Jones Govereh, Michael Weber, Antony Chapoto and Steve Haggblade. Presentation at Seminar on Increasing Productivity in the Agricultural Sector to Contribute to the On-Going Macroeconomic Modeling Process Ministry of Finance and National Planning (MoFNP) - Tecla Lodge, Wed, 6th August, 2008

                Fertilizer Subsidies and Sustainable Agricultural Growth in Africa:  Current Issues and Empirical Evidence from Malawi, Zambia, and Kenya.  Isaac Minde, T.S. Jayne, Joshua Ariga, Jones Govereh, and Eric Crawford.  Presentation by Jones Govereh at the IFDC workshop on “Strengthening Trade in Agricultural Inputs in Africa: Issues and Options” Taj Pamodzi Hotel, Lusaka, 1-4 July, 2008.

                Empirical Information on Smallholder Maize Production and Fertilizer Use In Zambia. Michael Weber.  Presentation at Fertilizer Support Programme Evaluation Kick-Off Workshop. Protea Safari Lodge, Zambia.  June 25-26, 2008

                Patterns of Maize Farming Behavior and Performance Among Small- and Medium-Scale Smallholders in Zambia.  A Review of Statistical Data From The CSO/MACO Crop Forecast Survey - 2000/2001 to 2007/2008 Production Seasons. By FSRP in cooperation with CSO and MACO to inform discussions on programs to deal with high food and input prices in 2008. Draft for comments, June 20, 2008.

                Background for the Launch of the ACU Working Group on Cassava Policy Issues. 
Steven Haggblade. ACU Task Force meeting. June 17, 2008. ACF Conference Room, Lusaka.

                Findings from FSRP Research on Food Staples Markets: Implications for Investment Priorities to Promote Regional Trade. Jones Govereh, David Tschirley, and Michael Weber. Presentation for the ACTESA design team, Lusaka, Zambia, April 18, 2008.

                2008 Agricultural Sector Budget Analysis: Comments from FSRP cooperating with MACO/ACF/CSO.  Presented at Agricultural Consultative Forum Breakfast Meeting:  What is in the 2008 National Budget for Zambian Agriculture?  Pamodzi Hotel, Lusaka. Jan 30, 2008


                Pathways out of poverty in the new agriculture. John Staatz and Niama Nango Dembélé. Cornell International Workshops on Agricultural Education and Information Systems Workshop II: Pathways Out of Poverty. Livingstone, Zambia. November 11-16, 2007.

                Zambia Agricultural Policy. Delivering Public Facilitation & Private Sector-Led Growth. FSRP/MATEP Research/Outreach Team. Presented to Finnish Delegation. Agricultural Consultative Forum (ACF), Lusaka Zambia. Septermber 25, 2007.

                Security of Widows’ Access to Land in the Era of HIV/AIDS: Panel Survey Evidence from Zambia. Antony Chapoto, T.S. Jayne and N. Mason. PEGnet Conference, Berlin Germany September 6-7, 2007.

                Vulnerability and Resilience of Social-Ecological Systems:  Perspectives from Studies Underway in Zambia of Urban/Rural Food Marketing Systems.  RIHN’s (Vulnerability and Resilience of Social-Ecological Systems) - First Lusaka Workshop, Sept 3, 2007.  Prepared by M.T. Weber and the MACO/ACF/FSRP/MATEP Research/Outreach Team.

                Under-appreciated Aspects of Smallholder Agriculture: Possible Implications for Information System Design. Thom Jayne and Colleagues, Food Security Research Project - Zambia. Presentation to Gates Foundation WorldAgInfo Project Design Team, Agricultural Consultative Forum, Lusaka, Zambia, August 13, 2007.

                Regional Trade in Food Staples: Using Trade Policy to Improve Farmer Incentives and Food Security. Jones Govereh. Food Security Research Project, MACO/ACF/MSU. Presentation at the International Conference on Strengthen and Widening markets and Overcoming Supply Side Constraints for African Agriculture. Organized by the International Food and Trade Policy Council and the Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa. June 3-5, 2007. 

                Selected Comments on Zambia Budget Allocation in Agriculture & Maize and Fertilizer Marketing in Zambia. Presentation to Zambia PRBS Review Meeting By MACO/ACF/FSRP/MATEP Research/Outreach Team. Mulungushi International Conference Centre, Lusaka, Zambia, June 5, 2007.

                Agricultural Sector Budget Analysis. Jones Govereh. Presentation to Farmer Organization Support Programme (FOSUP). Lusaka, Zambia. June 1, 2007.

                Measuring Public Expenditures in Agriculture. Jones Govereh, Emma Malawo, T.S. Jayne, and P. Chilonda. Presented at the Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System for Southern Africa (ReSAKSS-SA), Pamodzi Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia, May 29, 2007. 

                Data Consideration in Measuring Public Expenditure in Agriculture:  Illustrations Using the Case of Zambia.  Presentation made by Jones Govereh at the Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System for Southern Africa (ReSAKSS-SA), Pamodzi Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia, May 29, 2007.

                An Effective Public-Private Coordination in Zambia’s Cotton Sector: Deliberation on the Cotton Act. Stephen Kabwe and David Tschirley. Presented at the Agricultural Consultative Forum. May, 2007.

                Zambia’s Cassava Value Chain Task Force. Steve Haggblade. Presentation made to the SIDA Regional Resource Centre for Rural Development (RRD) regional meetings for East and Southern Africa on "Linking small-scale producers and processors access to dynamic and restructured local, regional and international markets for high value products". Frangilla, Zambia. May 16, 2007.

                Testimony to the Parliamentary Committees on Agriculture and Lands on Agricultural Marketing and Finance Systems in Zambia, by the Food Security Research Project. National Assembly,Parliament Building, Lusaka. May 2, 2007

o    Written Submission

o    Oral Presentation

                Zambia: Trends in growth of modern retail and wholesale chains and related agribusiness. Information Sheet - April 2007.  Munguzwe Hichaambwa (FSRP), Hyde Haantuba and Masiye Nawiko (ACF).  Outreach Sheet, published by Regoverning Markets.




  • FSRP was invited to a workshop on the Soil fertility Consortium for Southern Africa. The workshop was aimed at discussing the synthesis of the CF work that has been done in Zambia so that it feeds in the regional work plan. The Soil Fertility Consortium for Southern Africa would be funded by the Rockfeller Foundation. Participants of the workshop came from Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperatives, NGO and other private institutions, Nairobi, Kenya, December 9, 2004.
  • FSRP Worked with Agricultural Consultative Forum (ACF) to come up with guidelines of synopsis on the advantages of adopting conservation farming. Participants in two meetings came from Conservation Farming Unit, University Of Zambia and Agricultural Consultative Forum.
  • Donovan, Mwiinga, and Haantubu met with MACO District marketing and cooperative officers and the participants in EPAMIS from EPCCI and elsewhere, on the organization of EPAMIS. Chipata, Zambia November, 2004.


  • Early Evidence on Conservation Farming in Zambia. Steven Haggblade and Gelson Tembo. A paper prepared for the International Workshop on “Reconciling Rural Poverty and Resource Conservation: Identifying Relationships and Remedies”. Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. May 2-3, 2003.
  • The Recent Cassava Surge in Zambia and Malawi. Steven Haggblade and Ballard Zulu. Paper presented at the InWEnt, IFPRI, NEPAD, CTA conference "Successes in African Agriculture", Pretoria, December 1-3, 2003.