Our 2017 Thematic Areas

Our Vision

”Working towards a Zambia free of hunger, malnutrition and poverty through sustainable agricultural transformation”


Our thematic areas in brief:

Agriculture Markets and Trade

Focuses on how the changing market dynamics can be utilised to improve the prospects for smallholder farmers to earn better incomes from increased participation in domestic and regional markets.

Agriculture Diversification

Focuses on providing evidence on how agricultural diversification can be used as a poverty reduction tool and how it can impact the number of economic multiplier effects by increasing the scope and scale of agro-processing, intermediation, trading, and input supply and subsequently attain increased levels of household food and nutrition security.

Agriculture Food Security and Nutrition

Focuses on advocating for agricultural policy interventions that include nutrition-sensitive policies, investments and support to a legal framework to eliminate hunger and malnutrition.

Climate Change and Natural Resources

Focuses on how sustainable and effective policies can be implemented in response to Climate Change considering the low adaptive capacity, high rates of poverty, poor infrastructure and the high dependence on rain-fed agriculture.

Youth and Gender

Focuses on achieving sustainable economic growth by adequately targeting and including the marginalized groups such as women and youth in order to achieve food and nutrition security, and broad based poverty reduction that can be intrinsically linked to inclusive agricultural development and growth.