May 2017 Bulletin

IAPRI holds its 5th Annual General Meeting and unveils the 2017 Theme 

IAPRI successfully held its 5th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 12th May 2017...  read more.

E-Voucher Performance and Recommendations for National Wide Roll Out

The traditional Farmer Input Support Programme [FISP] is beset by... read more.

Fall Armyworm Outbreak in Zambia: Responses, Impact on Maize Production and Food Security

In November and early December 2016, Zambia experienced an... read more.

Achieving More with Less: Reform and Scaling Down Of FRA & FISP And Boosting Social Protection

Zambia continues to suffer from a regime of ineffectual subsidies and insufficient... read more.

IAPRI exhibits at the Agritech Expo

IAPRI was among the agriculture stakeholders that exhibited at the Agritech... read more.

IAPRI holds and facilitates Technical Writing Workshops

Technical writing is necessary to effectively translate and communicate... read more.


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2017 Monthly Bulletins

January 2017 Monthly Bulletin; Volume 2: Issue 1.

IAPRI makes yet another mentorship stride

In addition to executing its mandate of agricultural policy research and outreach, IAPRI implemented a six month internship program. The aim of the program is to contribute to...read more!

What really is the value of non-timber forest products in Zambia?

Forests and woodlands benefit the economy directly and indirectly. Despite this the sector’s...read more!

Our 2017 Thematic Areas

Working towards a Zambia free of hunger, malnutrition and poverty...read more!

“Integrate gender and nutrition into agricultural extension”

IAPRI’s Executive Director Mr. Chance Kabaghe has said that it is important to integrate gender and nutrition into agricultural extension services...read more!


Firewood and charcoal are harvested by over 93% of the rural agricultural households in Zambia...read more!

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