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Videos: Impact of COVID19 on Zambia's Food Systems and Policy

The COVID-19 pandemic is giving rise to unprecedented impacts on most countries in the world. Some countries have moved to restrict movements. In some, plans are underway for radical deployment of public funds to combat the threat posed by a novel coronavirus. Success will entail coherent and robust plans for our food systems. Thus, IAPRI is generating evidence to inform Zambia's approach as Food Systems and Policy are impacted. Videos will be posted here very soon...

Agriculture and Nutrition: Part I

Despite many efforts over the last decade to improve the nutritional status, Zambia still has high malnutrition rates. The 2013/14 Zambia Demographic Health Survey shows that 40% of children under the age of five are stunted or too short for their age. This indicates chronic malnutrition. In this documentary, IAPRI explores the connection between agriculture, food security and nutrition.

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