Ms. Emma Malawo

Emma Malawo is the Director of Policy and Planning in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. She holds a Masters Degree in Development Economics from Williams College – Massachusetts – United States of America (USA), and Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Zambia. She also holds several certificates from various learning Institutions. Among them include; Agriculture Policy and Administration from Japan International Cooperation Agency Government of Japan, Project Management and Planning from Africa Management Development Institute, Durban – South Africa, Tax Analysis and Revenue Forecasting from John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University – USA, Budgeting in the Public Sector, Harvard Institute of International Development, Harvard University – USA. She has more than 20 years proven ability, work experience and knowledge in public sector budget formulation, budget analysis, and tax policy formulation. She further has experience in coordinating the formulation and provision of appropriate agricultural policy, policy analysis and advice on various policy options to spur agricultural development and poverty reduction among Zambians.

This is one of the many achievements by Emma from November 2012 to date;

  • Agricultural sector data bank; Emma has been coordinating the establishment and maintenance of an agricultural sector data bank which supports policy analysis, performance assessment, decision making and provide rapid response to questions raised by government, donors and industry about the nature of the agricultural sector.