Mr. Denis Wood

Mr. Denis Wood is a renowned consultant and technical advisor in various aspects of donor funded governance and institutional development programmes in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. He holds Diploma in Agricultural Business Management (1971) from NRDC, Certificate in Project Planning and Appraisal Methodology (1973) from University of Bradford, United Kingdom, AIOB (1974) Associate of the Institute of Bankers, London, United Kingdom, Certificate in Leadership, Effectiveness and New Strategies (1980) from Institute of Cultural Affairs, Lusaka, Zambia, Banking Certificate in Advanced Accounting Management (1983) from Citibank, N.A London, United Kingdom and Certificate in Training of Trainers (1984) from Citibank, N.A. Nairobi, Kenya. He has more than 25 years proven ability, work experience, knowledge and skills to independently undertake development work in the field of governance, political economy, social protection, institutional and capacity development, human resource development, project and programme monitoring and evaluation, change management, appraisal, design, team leadership, workshop facilitation and mentoring particularly developing economies of East, Central and Southern Africa.

Denis has previously undertaken a number of assignments with various organisations. One of them was with the Department for International Development Zambia Office in November 2012. He worked as Team leader for the “Drivers of Quality Change in the Education Sector in Zambia” study. The study enabled DFID Zambia to better understand and have more insights as to the opportunities and constraints to progress in improving the quality of education in Zambia. The study team carried out a comprehensive analysis of the institutional arrangements and the political interests as well as the key “Drivers of Change” in the education sector.