Board of Directors

The Board of Directors governs the organization and carries the fiduciary responsibility to provide strategic direction to the institute on behalf of the general membership as prescribed by the IAPRI Articles of Association. 

The current Board of Directors include the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Commerce Trade and Industry, Central Statistical Office, University of Zambia, Institute of Economic and Social Research, Zambia National Farmers' Union, Grain Traders Association of Zambia, Agricultural Consultative Forum, Ministry of Finance, Michigan State University, and a Private Sector Consultant.

IAPRI has also two independent esteemed individuals, Dr Namukolo Mukutu and Mr Costain Chilala, as guarantors.

S.No Name Position Description
1 Dr. Mick Mwala Board Chairperson
Dean- School of Agricultural Sciences, The University of Zambia
2 Mr. Tobias Mulimbika Board Vice Chairperson
Director - Industry, Ministry of Commerce Trade and Industry
3 Mr. Jacob Mwale Board Member
Executive Director - Grain Trader Association of Zambia
4 Mr. Joseph Mbinji Board Member
Agricultural Consultative Forum (ACF)
5 Prof. Thom S. Jayne Board Member
Michigan State University
6 Mr. Denis Wood Board Member
Private Sector Consultant
7 Mr. Daniel Daka Board Member
Central Statistical Office
8 Prof. Mubiana Macwan'gi Board Member
Institute of Economic and Social Research
9 Ms. Emma Malawo Board Member
Ministry of Agriculture
10 Mr. Ndambo Ndambo Board Member
Zambia National Farmers' Union
11 Mr. Medson Moyo Board Member
Ministry of Finance